Lopar - San Marino

The island of Rab belongs to a group of northern Adriatic islands in the Kvarner region, and is located on the 44th parallel of latitude. Nearby is the Velebit Mountain, of the Dinaric mountain high. The vicinity of Velebit allows flow of fresh and clean air all year round.

The average temperature during the summer is 26 ° C and in winter 7 ° C. It should be noted that the air temperature is higher than 18 ° C, for more than140 days a year. The average number of sunny days during the year is 2470 hours. The island is surrounded by clean and clear water, and a current flowing from the south, provides a constant flow of clean water from the ecologically clean Mediterranean. The average sea temperature during the summer months is 26 ° C.

Lopar (www.lopar.com) is abundant with magnificent sand beaches, there are 22 with three specially reserved for nudist.

The biggest and the most famous Lopar's beach is "Rajska plaža" (Heavenly beach), that is 1,5 km long, along which you may find the most important tourist locations and accommodation in Lopar. This region was awarded with the "Blue flag" in 2003, which stands as the international symbol for quality service and ecology, as well as tourist's safety.

The nearby marina "Lučica", offers the safe harbor for hundred of vessels (speedboats and yachts), as well as services of diving, rising and cleaning of boats.

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For those who strive to active and adventurous vacation there are great number of sports such as diving (www.mobydick-diving.com), water skiing, boat renting, beach volley, tennis, mountain bike rent, tracking, jet ski, beach football, basketball...

If you are eager to know our island and its surrounding, we recommend you to take a field trips such as sightseeing, panoramic boat ride, fishing, tour of the seabed, the tour to Goli otok prison, Saint Grgur's isle and many more.